Saturday Show
Ken Currle – AB/HHP
Diana Doernberg – AB/HHP
Sharon Roy – AB/HHP
Russell Webb – AB/HHP
Kathy Calhoun – SP/HHP
Tracy Petty – SP/HHP
Sunday Show
Ellyn Honey – AB/HHP
Melanie Morgan – AB/HHP
Teresa Sweeney – AB/HHP
Gary Veach – AB/HHP
Doreann Nasin – SP/HHP
Sharon Powell – SP/HHP

Entry Clerk
Debbie Kusy
153 Gay St. Parkesburg, PA 19365
Phone 610-857-2577
Closing Date
Both shows close 12/14/15 @ 6 pm
or when shows fill @ 225
Saturday Show Manager
Debbie Kusy
Phone 610-857-2577
Sunday Show Manager
Jeri Zottoli
Phone: 717-232-4737

This show is always a fun celebration of the holidays, with lots of special festivities;
Santa Claus, the always challenging Pickle Hunt, the holiday goody table (food
donations are appreciated) ornament exchange, and our annual gift exchange.

Santa will have gifts for the children, so gift exchange gifts should be for adults. Bring
a wrapped gift (approximate value $15, please specify male, female or neutral).
Want to help us decorate our tree? Bring a Christmas ornament, hang it on our
tree and then take home a different one. Ornaments should be no more than $5.
Handcrafted ornaments are especially desirable. We'll provide the ornaments hangers.

ENTRY FEES (per show)
1st Entry (includes catalog) $52 * 2nd Entry (same owner) $46 * 3rd Entry (same owner) $40
Any 4 Entries (same owner) $160 * Each Additional Entry $40 *AOV Entries $20
Half Cage Space
$20 (ONE SHOW)
Groom/Sales Cage (full space)
$25 (ONE SHOW)
End of Row Benching
$15 (ONE SHOW)
No EOR charge for handicapped exhibitors. Half Cage, Groom/Sales Cage, or
EOR cannot be purchase for just one day if you are entered in both shows.
Make checks payable to Straight & Curl for Saturday and to Bombay Enthusiasts
for Sunday. If you are entering BOTH shows pay for the entry(s) entered per show
and split ALL (extra 1/2 cages, grooms, etc.) evenly between the two clubs.
Closing Date (for both shows)
Both shows close December 14, 2015 @ 6 pm or when 225 entries have been received

Entries: All Entries must be submitted on an official CFA entry form or online. No fax entries. Payment MUST accompany entries. Fees for online entries must be paid within 10 days or at check-in, whichever comes first. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to confirm all online entries with the Entry Clerk; the club will not be responsible for entries lost due to communication errors. Late Fees: ANY payment not made within 30 days past the show date will incur a $50 Late Fee in addition any other applicable fees (e.g. bounced checks, etc.). If either club has to send certified mail to make collections an additional $25 fee will be levied to all the above charges to cover certified postage.
Show Hall: Our show hall is The Lebanon Valley Expo Center 80 Rocherty Rd. Lebanon, PA 17042. Excellent people food will be available. The show hall is heated and handicapped accessible. Parking is free. The show hall WILL NOT be open before check-in, please do not arrive early.
Check-In & Show Hours: Check-in Saturday 7:30-8:30 am, Sunday 8-8:30 am. Judging will begin at 9 am both days. The show hall WILL NOT be open before check-in time, please do not arrive early. Advertised hours are 9 am-4 pm both days.
Hotel Info: Days Inn 625 Quentin Rd. Lebanon, PA 17042 Phone: 717-273-6771. Rate is $69. The hotel is about 2 1/2 miles from the show hall.
Exhibitor Information: All CFA Show rules will be strictly enforced. For a copy visit This is a non vetted show. All cats present in the show hall are expected to be free of fleas, fungus and infectious diseases. It is strongly advised that all cats or kittens entered or present in the show hall be inoculated before entry by a licensed veterinarian against feline panleukopenia, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses and rabies. No entry may be declawed and all entries’ claws must be clipped prior to benching. No kitten under the age of 4 months old is permitted in the show hall. Cats are not permitted to remain in the show hall overnight. Only benched cats and kittens are permitted in the show hall; none may be confined in carriers. Single cages are approximately 22"x22"x22". Exhibitors using security cages with odd numbered entries must purchase and additional 1/2 cage space. Exhibitors are advised to bring cage drapes or covers for the top, sides and bottom of the cage. Litter will be available, bring your own litter pan. All entries in Championship (except Novice), Premiership (except Novice), registered Kittens, recorded Household Pets, and registered cats competing as Household Pets with an Household Pet color class prefix will be scored for CFA awards. Owners of novices can contact the entry clerk for a temporary registration number
Household Pets: HHPs must be 4 months or older on opening day of show. If 8 months or older, they must be spayed/ neutered. Top 5 HHPs awarded in all rings.
Sponsoring clubs reserve the right to substitute judges in case of illness or emergency.

PDF Show Flyer
CFA Entry Form