8 Allbreed Rings ~ Back-to-Back Format ~ Household Pets

Vicki Abelson
Larry Adkison
Gene Darrah
Kathy Black Molino
Sharon Roy
Barbara Sumner
Gary Veach
Jeri Zottoli
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Show Managers
Terrie Smith
Todd Dotson
Vendors, contact Todd

Early Bird Entry Fees
1st Entry (includes catalog) $44
2nd Entry (same owner) $39
3rd & Subsequent Entries $34
FULLY PAID Early Bird Entries MUST
be received by October 7, 2008

Regular Entry Fees
1st Entry (includes catalog) $49
2nd Entry (same owner) $44
3rd & Subsequent Entries $39
Double/Sales Cage (w/entry only) $25
Groom Space $30
Substitutions $10
End-of-Row (HC no charge) $15
Late Payment (after start of show) $25
Returned Checks $35
Entry Clerk
Shirley Peet
415 Shore Dr. Joppa, MD 21085
410-679-1873 Fax 410-679-1874
Closing Date
11-10-08 or when 225 entries received
Show Secretary/Vendors
Todd Dotson
Show Treasurer
Terrie Smith
Show Photographer
Larry Johnson

Entry Fees: properly completed entries must be submitted on an official CFA Entry form or facsimile, sent online, or faxed with all information except signature typed or hand-printed. The use of the online entry form is interpreted as an official entry in this CFA show, and your email address on the form is considered to be your signature per CFA Show Rule 4.05. If you are faxing or using the online entry form, please confirm receipt. No phone entries accepted. Each entry except faxes or online entries must be accompanied by the full entry fee. Make checks payable to Rainbow Plumes. Per Show Rule 11.08a all fax or online entries must be paid in full within 10 days of receipt or prior to the start of the show, whichever is first. All checks must be paid in U.S. funds. All entry fees paid at check-in MUST be in cash. Payment for all Early Bird Entries MUST be received before September 15 to be eligible for the $5 discount. Limit one benching / agent request per exhibitor.

Show Hall/Hotel: Four Points by Sheraton-Eastham Cape Cod 3800 Route 6 Eastham, MA 508-255-5000. www.capecodfourpoints.com Room rate is $79, availability is limited BOOK EARLY!

Show Hours: Advertised hours 9:30am to 5pm Saturday and 9am to 3:30pm on Sunday. Check in 8am to 9:30am on Saturday with judging beginning at 10am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. All entries must remain in the show hall until the advertised closing time unless permission is received from the show manager

Show Supplies: Litter will be supplied. Please bring your own litter pan, water bowl, and cat food. Cages are approximately 22x22x22. People food will be available.

CFA Rules: This is a non-vetted show, all entries should be inoculated against Feline Enteritis, Rhinotrachetitis, and Calici Virus and tested for FeLV by a licensed vet. Cats should be free from mites, fleas and fungus. CFA show rules require your catís front and back claws be clipped prior to benching. No declawed entries are permitted. Our show is held under the auspices of the Cat Fanciers Association. CFA show rules will be strictly enforced. Copies of the show rules are available for $5.00 from CFA P.O. Box 1005 Manasquan, NJ 08736. All championship, premiership and registered kittens will be scored for CFA National and Regional awards. Cats may not be left in the show hall after published show hours. All championship, premiership and kitten entries with registration numbers will be scored for CFA National and Regional points. No kittens under 4 months are permitted in the show hall or on the show grounds. Only benched cats and kittens are permitted in the show hall, none may be confined in carriers. The exhibitor of any entry showing evidence of fungus, fleas, ear mites or any contagious disease will be asked to remove that entry as well as their other entries from the show hall. By entering exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and the show committee and to adhere to CFA show rules. Rainbow Plumes reserves the right to substitute judges in case of illness or emergency.

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Official CFA Entry Form


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