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August 30, 2008
Simpsonville Senior Activity Center
310 West Curtis Street
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Our Bartenders
Bob Goltzer AB
Vicki Abelson AB
Loretta Baugh AB
Barbara Sumner AB
Larry Adkison AB
Rachel Anger AB
Management & Vendors
Jacqui Bennett
Daedra Marshall
Ray Cherrington
621 Milwaukee Ave
Orange Park, FL 32073
904-269-5871 Fax 904-269-5321
Firm "Last Call" for entries
8/25/08 6 p.m.

Cover Charge
1st Guest $50
2nd (same party) $45
3rd Guest $35
Family 4-Pack $140
Swingin 6 Pack $180
Extra Bar Stool $20
Room to Groom $25
Fax Fee per Session $5
(void if paid before check-in)
Substitutions $10
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Were to Bunk
There is no arranged Show hotel.
Some Pet Friendly hotels in the area include:
Red Roof 864-297-4458
2801 Laurens Road Greenville, SC
Motel 6 864-962-8484
3706 Grandview Drive Simpsonville, SC
Holiday Inn Express 864-277- 8921
4295 Augusta Rd Greenville, SC
Please check for pet policy & prices

General: This is a CFA licensed show and all show rules will be strictly enforced. For a copy of these rules, send $5.00 to CFA, 1805 Atlantic Avenue, Manasquan, NJ 08736.

Scoring: All Championship, Premiership and Registered Kittens (whose registration number appears in the master Clerk's catalog) will be scored to National/Regional Awards. Rosettes will be awarded and permanent flats will be used in accordance with CFA rules.

Show Hours: Check-in Saturday will be 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM. Judging will start promptly at 9:00 AM. Advertised show hours are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Benching: Only one benching request will be honored. If an agent is designated, no other benching request will be honored.

Entry Information: Fees must accompany mailed entries. Fees for Faxed Entries should be sent prior to the show. All entries must be typed or printed on an official CFA entry blank (see link below) or an entry sent online (see link above). The use of the online entry form is interpreted as an official entry in this CFA show, and your email address on the online entry form is considered to be your signature per CFA show rule 4.05. If faxing or using the online entry please confirm receipt with the Entry Clerk. All fees must accompany mailed entries, no post-dated checks will be accepted. Entry Clerk will call collect if clarifications are required. If entries are fax or entered online, send all fees prior to the show and within 10 days of entry, per show rule 11.08a.

Kittens & Kittens For Sale: “Kitten For Sale” cages will be available only if you have an entry in the show. All cats or kittens for sale or lease must be benched in the benching area, and must be eligible for CFA registration. Please keep in mind the show rule which limits two kittens per single cage. No kitten under 4 months of age is permitted in the show hall. No kittens may be kept in carriers under the cage or in your car.

Supplies: Cages are approximately 22X22X24 (1/2 cage). Litter will be supplied. Bring your own litter pans, dishes and cat food. People food will be available for sale. Novice exhibitors should bring cage curtains and grooming supplies. Please bring you cat in a suitable carrier.

Liability: Ocicats International will take reasonable care to safeguard entries and the property of exhibitors. Neither the clubs, it's members nor the Simpsonville Senior Activity Center will be liable for any loss or damage. Cats CANNOT be left in the show hall overnight.

Non-Vetted Show: All cats/kittens must be free of fleas, fungus, ear mites and other diseases. All entries should be inoculated against feline enteritis, rhinotrachetis and calici viruses and should be tested negative for Feline Leukemia. Declawed cats are not eligible for entry. Both front and back nails must be clipped.

Transportation: Regrettably, we cannot provide or arrange for exhibitor transportation.

Flying In: Use the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport (GSP)

Show Hall: Simpsonville Senior Activity Center 310 West Curtis Street (at the corner of Curtis and South streets) Simpsonville, SC 29681 Phone: 864-967-9533. Show hall is climate controlled.

Advertising copy must be camera ready and received with payment by closing date. Please send to Entry Clerk. Rates: Full Page $60; Half Page $35; Business Cards $10.

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