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Junior/Senior level participants may compete as Advanced Open at the discretion of the Show Committee based on number of entrants.

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On behalf of my child, (named above), I hereby release, discharge and waive any suit, action, claim or any other proceeding of any nature that might otherwise be brought against The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA) or any member club, judge, clerk, steward or any person acting on behalf of CFA or any member club, judge, clerk or steward regarding any injury or illness arising or alleged to have arisen in any manner whatsoever out of my child’s participation in the CFA Junior Showmanship Program. I voluntarily execute this Release and Waiver in full knowledge and appreciation that my child will, during his/her participation in the program, be exposed to and will handle cats, and will be in show halls in the presence of many people and cats. I fully realize and appreciate that cats may bite and/or scratch, and that bites and scratches may result in serious illnesses or injuries. I also fully realize and appreciate that exposure to cats may result in allergies or other injuries even if no biting or scratching takes place. Finally, I realize that my child’s participation will require his/her presence in public facilities, and that he/she will be subjected to such accidental injuries or illnesses as may from time to time occur to members of the public present in such facilities. I execute this Release and Waiver in belief that the potential benefits to my child resulting from his/her participation in the CFA Youth Development Program outweigh the risk of illness or injury involved, and I fully understand that the execution of the Release and Waiver is a condition of my child’s participation in the program.

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