Walter Hutzler (Allbreed)
Tracy Petty (Allbreed)
Donna Jean Thompson (Allbreed)
Annette Wilson (Allbreed)
Donna Davis (Allbreed)
Russell Webb (Specialty)

Entry Clerk
Shirley Peet
415 Shore Dr. Joppa, MD 21085
Phone 410-679-1873 Fax 410-679-1974
Entry Fees
1st Entry (includes catalog) $50
2nd Entry (same owner) $47
Additional Entries (same owner) $40
Extra 1/2 or Sales Cage $25
FREE 1/2 CAGE with 3rd or 5th entry
Grooming Space (limited) $30
End of Row / Substitutions $10
Returned Check Fee $75
Show Manager
Donna Balestrieri
Phone 908-272-7827
Co-Show Manager
and Vendor Contact

Elaine Magee
Phone 856-694-2659
Ring & Rosette Sponsorships
Liz Blanc
Catalog Ads
Susan Blevins
Closing Date
October 30, 2011 or when 225 entries have been received

Entries must be submitted on official CFA forms or facsimiles, available from the entry clerk or via online entry from official site. Entries must be typed or printed neatly. Calls by entry clerk to obtain or clarify information will be made COLLECT. All entries must be accompanied by proper fees; checks must be drawn on US banks; online entries must be paid in full within 10 days. Due to space limitations, one bench request per exhibitor will be accepted; if an agent is listed, agent will be considered your benching request. CFA registration numbers must be included for all Championship, Premiership and AOV classes. Entries for adult cats received without CFA registration numbers will be returned. All Championship, Premiership and Registered Kittens will be scored for CFA National and Regional awards. Kittens must be four months old by the first day of the show. Declawed cats are ineligible; all claws of all entries must be clipped prior to benching. It is strongly advised that all cats and kittens entered or present in the show hall be inoculated against feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses and rabies. Under NJ state law a rabies vaccine is required by all felines over 4 months of age.
This show is held under the auspices of the Cat Fanciersí Association. CFA show rules will be strictly enforced. A copy of the show rules is available by sending $7 to CFA, 260 East Main St. Alliance, OH 44601.
Benching and Show Hours: Check-in will begin at 7:30 am. Judging starts at 9:30 am. Cats not benched by 9:00 am will be marked absent. Report any transfers or absentees at check-in. Advertised closing time is 4:00 pm. All cats, except kittens, must remain in the hall until closing.
Show Hall: Rollway Roller Rink, 131 South 2nd Road, Hammonton, NJ 09037, 609-561-8061. Ample free parking is available. People food is available. The facility is heated and/or air conditioned, as appropriate and handicap accessible. Single cages are approximately 22x23x22.
Ribbons and Rosettes: All ribbons and rosettes required by CFA show rules will be warded. Any donations will be appreciated and acknowledged in our catalog.
Show Hotel: Econo Lodge Buena 102 Tuckahoe Rd. Buena, NJ 08310 Phone: 856-697-9000.Mention the cat show to receive club rate. This hotel is 12 miles from Hammonton. Other Hotel: Red Roof 603 Fellowship Rd, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone 856-234-5589.

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