Day 2 of the Two Day - 12 Ring Extravaganza!
Sunday August 16th, 2009
Portland Expo Center
2060 North Marine Drive
Portland, OR
Nutro Cat Products

4 AB/2 SP Rings - 225 Entries - HHPs - Agility

Cage Decorating Contest
Top 5 Best Decorated Cage in the "Frontier Feline Roundup" Theme

Special Entry Fees:
First Kitten Entry $40
Additional Kitten Entries $30
Regular Entry Fees:
First Entry $50
Second Entry $40
Additional Entries $30
HHP Entries $35
Agility $10
Grooms & Double Cage Spaces $20
for one or both shows
FREE Doubles with 3rd & 5th Entry
Closing Date: 8-10-09
The ten day CFA payment rule will be strictly enforced. Since both shows fees can be paid via PayPal there will be no excuse for not paying ten days after entering. If and when the show fills, and you have not paid, we will advise you and then pull your entry in favor of one who pays on time.

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ENTRIES: All entries, including “For Sale” and “Exhibition” must have a completed, signed official CFA entry blank or facsimile and be printed in the catalog. All entries must be signed and be accompanied by the correct entry fee. Entries for championship, premiership, provisional, miscellaneous breeds or A.O.V. cannot be accepted without a CFA registration number per CFA show rules. Make all checks payable to Pacific Rim (U.S. Funds). The entry clerk will call or e-mail to clarify any questions. Returned checks will incur a $25.00 fee. No entry fee will be refunded for failure to bench.
BENCHING: Entry will be limited to 225 cats. Check in time will be 7:30 to 8:30 am on Saturday. Show hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and 8::30 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday or when the last final is finished. PLEASE HELP US GET THE SHOW FINISHED BY 5:00 pm. One benching request per exhibitor will be honored whenever possible. Handicapped is a benching request. No benching changes are permitted without the permission of the show manager.
CAT FOOD & LITTER: Litter will be provided. Cat Food will be available as donated. Please bring your own food and water dishes and litter trays.
PEOPLE FOOD: There will be people food available in the show hall. Outside food is not permitted by the Expo Center with the exception of grand cakes.
CHECK-IN: All exhibitors must check in prior to benching both days. Exhibitors are advised to have cats and kittens inoculated against feline enteritis, calico virus and rhinotracheitis and recommend that they be tested for feline leukemia prior to the show. The club reserves the right to remove any cat or kitten from the show hall which, in its opinion, shows signs of illness, disease, or parasites. All claws must be clipped prior to benching. No vending from cages or groom spaces will be allowed. CFA Show Rules will be strictly enforced.
FOR SALE: All “For Sale” cats and kittens must be accompanied by a regular entry and must be listed in the catalog. All “For Sale” kittens must be at least 4 months of age. The club reserves the right to request a CFA blue slip or veterinary proof of age. SCORING: All registered Championship and Premiership Cats and Kittens will be scored for CFA National and Regional wins. All Household Pets over 8 months old must be neutered or spayed and not declawed. Household Pets will be scored for Northwest Region awards.
CAGES: Single are 21” by 21” by 21” and provided with each entry. A double cage is 21” by 45” by 21” and if you wish a double cage space for a single entry, the cost is $20.00. Please be aware that if you have your own single cage, it will require a double cage space. The cage will need some type of curtains on three sides, top, and a rug or towel at the bottom. No more than one adult or two kittens per single cage space.
RIBBONS & ROSETTES: will be awarded for all final wins in compliance with CFA Show Rules. A copy of the current CFA Show Rules may be obtained by sending $5.00 to Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc., 1805 Atlantic Ave., Manasquan, NJ 08736-0805.
SHOW HOTELS: Suggested Hotels that allow pets:
  • Oxford Suites Portland - Jantzen Beach Hotel 12226 N Jantzen Dr. Portland, OR 97217 Phone: 503-283-3030 or 800-545-7848.
  • Best Western Inn at the Meadows 1215 N Hayden Meadows Dr. Portland, OR 97217 Phone: 503-286-9600.
  • Days Inn Portland 9930 N Whitaker Rd.(I-5 Exit 306B & Whitaker Rd.) Portland, OR 97217 Phone:1-503-289-1800 or 800-329-7466.

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