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Tracy Petty
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550 Crocker Road
Spartanburg, SC 29307
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Show Photographer: Absolute Animal Photographer Jody Harris-Lantz

Cain Haley
Vicki Bingmam
Sales & Service
Jackie Raduly


Ticket Prices
1st Passenger $50
2nd Passenger $45
3rd Passenger $40
All Additional Passenger $35
Double Cabin $20
Dressing Room/or Sales $30
Substitutions FREE
End Cabin $20
Return Checks $35
All entries paid at check-in MUST BE IN CASH
Payment for all entries due within 10 days of receipt
Closing Date March 1, 2011 or when 225 entries have been received

ENTRIES: Properly completed entries must be submitted on an official CFA Entry form. The use of the online entry form is interpreted as an official entry in this show. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to check their confirmation and notify the Entry Clerk prior to show closing of any errors or corrections that to be made.
Make checks payable to Foothills Felines. There be a $35 fee for returned checks, all fees must be paid in US Funds. Per show rule 11.08a – all online entries must be paid in full within 10 days of receipt or prior to the start of the show, whichever is first. All entries paid at check-in must be in CASH.
SHOW HOURS: Check-in is 7:30 to 8:30 am with judging to begin at 9:00 am. Advertised hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. All exhibitors must remain in the show hall during advertised hours unless permission is received from the Show Manager.
BENCHING: Benching requests made at time of entry will be honored whenever possible – remember that this is a request not a requirement. NO REFUNDS FOR FAILURE TO BENCH.
SHOW HALL: Shelby Recreation Center located at 850 W. Sumter St. Shelby, NC 28150 Phone: 704-484-6811. The show hall is climate controlled; heated & air-conditioned, and handicapped accessible. SMOKE FREE.
HOTEL INFO: Will come with confirm.
AIRPORTS: Douglas International (CLT) in Charlotte, NC is about 40 miles from the show hall. Greenville/Spartanburg International (GSP) in Greenville, SC is about 55 miles from the show hall.
TRANSPORTATION: Regretfully, Foothills Felines will not be able to arrange for nor provide transportation for exhibitors.
LIABILITY: Foothills Felines and Shelby Parks and Recreation Center will take responsible care to safeguard entries and property of exhibitors. However, neither the club, its members, or the show hall will be liable for loss or damage.
GENERAL INFO: No veterinary inspection will be required prior to benching. It is advised that all cats and kittens be inoculated by a licensed veterinarian for feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses, rabies, and tested for FeLV before entry. Cats must be free of fleas, fungus, ear mites, and contagious diseases. All cats must have front and back claws clipped prior to benching. No cats under four months of age allowed in show hall. De-clawed cats are not eligible for competition. All championship, premiership, and registered kitten entries will be scored for CFA national and regional awards. Permanent flats will be used for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best & 2nd Best of Color Class, Best & 2nd Best of Breed. Rosettes will be offered for all final wins. Registration numbers for cats must be printed in the catalog. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to check entry confirmation and notify entry clerk of any errors. CFA show rules will be strictly enforced. A copy of the rules may be obtained for $7.00 from CFA, 1805 Atlantic Ave. Manasquan, NJ, 08736-0805.
CAGES & SUPPLIES: Single cage size is 21”x21”x21”. Double cage size is 45”x21”x21”. No more than one adult or two kittens per sIndividual cage size is approximately 22" X 22" X 24". All Security Cages/Exhibitor Supplied Cages will be charged for a double cage space. Litter will be provided. Bring your own litter pans. New exhibitors, please bring cage curtains and material for bottom of cage for your cat's comfort.
ADVERTISING: All ads must be camera ready and should be sent to the entry clerk. Payment must accompany copy and checks should be payable to Foothills Felines. Inside Cover $50.00 Full Page $30.00 Half Page $20.00 Quarter Page $15.00 Business Card $ 5.00.

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