Rachel Anger, Allbreed
Kathy Calhoun, Allbreed
Ellyn Honey, Allbreed
Melanie Morgan, Allbreed
Gary Veach, Allbreed
Anne Mathis, SH - TBA, LH

Entry Clerks
Pam & Gary Huggins
Email ghuggins@cablespeed.com
7828 Citadel Drive
Severn, MD 21144-1512
Phone 410-551-3242 Fax 410-519-7159
Closing Date
12/22/11 FIRM or at 225 limit
Show Managers
Jeri Zottoli
Email euphoria1111@verzion.net
Phone 717-232-4737
And Deb Noggle
Phone 717-652-2593
Vendor Contact
Jeri Zottoli

Entry Fees
$50 First Entry
Includes catalog & $2 CFA Surcharge
$45 Second Entry
$35 Third & Additional Entries
$20 Miscellaneous Breeds
Optional Fees
$25 Double Cage
$30 Grooming Space
$10 End of Row
$10 Substitution Fee
$50 Bounced Check Fee

Entry Information: Sorry no Household Pets. All fees and benching requests must accompany entries. No refunds for failure to bench. Phone entries and post dated checks are not permitted. All faxed and online entries should be confirmed with a phone call or email. Faxed and online entries must be followed by a check within 10 days, but no later than check-in, per CFA show rule 11.08a. Make checks payable to Finicky Felines Society. There will be a $10.00 fee per entry for all entry fees paid at check-in ($10.00 surcharge waived for Canadian entries) Entries must be typed or printed legibly, signed and submitted on an official CFA entry form. If questions arise concerning your entry, entry clerk will email exhibitor if email address is listed on the entry form, otherwise, entry clerk will call collect. One benching request per exhibitor will be honored, when possible. If an agent is designated, the agent will be considered your benching request.
Show Hall: Leesport Farmers Market 312 Gernants Church Rd. Leesport, PA 19533 Phone 610-926-1307. Excellent people food will be available in the show hall. The show hall is heated and handicapped accessible. No smoking is allowed in the show hall. Reasonable care will be taken of cats and personal property, but show management and Finicky Felines Society are not liable for loss, injury or damages.
Show Hotel: Crowne Plaza Reading 1741 Papermill Rd. Reading, PA 19610 Phone: 610-376-3811. A block of rooms will be available thru December 1, 2011 at a special show rate of $89. You must mention Finicky Felines when reserving your room to receive the show rate. There is a $15 non-refundable pet fee in addition to the room rate. Directions to the hotel
Check in: 7:30 – 8:30. Any cat not benched by 8:30 will be marked absent. Judging will begin at 9:00 AM. Advertised closing time is 4:00 PM. Cage size is approximately 22”x22”x22”. Bring cage curtains (or coverings) to cover the sides, top and bottom of the cage. Please inform the entry clerk if you have your own security cage. Litter will be provided, but not litter pans.
All championship, premiership and kitten entries with registration numbers will be scored for CFA National and Regional points. No declawed entries are permitted and all entry’s front and rear claws must be clipped prior to benching. No kittens under 4 months are permitted in the show hall or on the show grounds. No cats or kittens may be left in the show hall overnight. Only benched cats and kittens are permitted in the show hall, none may be confined in carriers. This is a non-vetted show, and all entries are expected to be inoculated against feline enteritis, rhinotrachetis, calici virus and rabies and to be tested negative for FeLv. The exhibitor of any entry showing evidence of fungus, fleas, ear mites or any contagious disease will be asked to remove that entry as well as their other entries from the show hall.
Finicky Felines Society reserves the right to substitute judges in case of illness or emergency. By entering exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and the show committee and to adhere to CFA show rules. Copies of CFA show rules may be obtained for $7 each from CFA, 260 E. Main St. Alliance, OH 44601.

Show Flyer (PDF)
Link to Directions
CFA Entry Form (PDF)

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