Celebrating our Diamond Anniversary
   30th Annual CFA Cat Show
CFA INC  CFA Centennial Celebration Challenge
March 11-12, 2006
Kallet Civic Center

159 Main Street
Oneida, NY 13421

225 Cats/8 Rings:
7 Allbreed/1 Specialty
Back to Back 2 Days
HHPs (limit of 10)
Gene Darrah AB
Chuck Gradowski AB
Sharon Roy AB
Ed Davis LH/SH
Ken Currle AB
Walter Hutzler AB
James Thompson AB
Wayne Trevathan AB

Show Manager: Terri Sullivan Email: tms@clarityconnect.com Phone: 607-273-1313
Show Secretary/Vendor Contact: Noel Newton Email: nnewton1@twcny.com Phone: 315-687-6871

Entry Fees: Checks payable to Fantastic Felines of Central NY in US FUNDS ONLY

$48 1st Entry (includes catalog)
$43 2nd Entry (same owner)
$38 3rd & Additional Entry (same owner)
$5 Discount per entry for Canadian Exhibitors
$25 Double/Sales Cage (w/entry 22X22X20)*
$10 End of Row or Substitution
$25 Late Payment (see entries section)
$40 Returned Check or Collection fee w/CFA
$3 Fax fee PER Exhibitor
Entry Clerk: Nancy Jenkins
53 North Road, Sandown, NH 03873
Email: entryclerk2006@comcast.net
Phone: 603-238-2974 Fax: 603-283-7903
Closing Date: 3-5-06 or 225 enrty limit is reached
* Exhibitor shall be charged for any double-cage     space used, e.g. odd numbered entries.


Online entry form is available at the NAR website

Entries properly completed must be submitted by exhibitors in the form of an official CFA entry form or facsimile, or an entry sent online following such entry form, with all information except signa-ture typed or hand-printed. If Faxing or using the online entry, please confirm receipt. No phone entries accepted. The club will not be held responsible for any entries not received due to transmission errors. Each entry except Faxes or online entries must be accompanied by the full entry fee. All FAX or online entries must be paid in full within 10 days of receipt or prior to the start of the show, whichever is first. Club shall charge $25 for entry fee nonpayment beyond the 10-day limit in CFA Show Rule 11.08a. All checks must be paid in U.S. funds. No post dated checks will be accepted. Entries submitted online/fax within the 10 days prior to the show must be paid in cash at the door. Limit one benching/agent request per exhibitor.
Benching Entry check-in is at 7:30 to 8:30 AM on Saturday. Judging will begin at 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. No change of benching assignments shall be made without the permission of the show manager. Benching cages are minimum 22"W by 22"D by 20"H. All benched entries, with the exception of kittens, must remain in the show hall until the advertised closing hour of 5 PM unless permission is received by the show manager.
Show Hall is heated, handicapped accessible and non-smoking. Show management will take all reasonable care to safeguard the personal property of exhibitors. However, neither the club, its members, nor the facility shall not be liable for loss or damage to such property. Judging and benching areas are contained however special care should be taken to avoid “cat loose” situations.
Exhibitor Information No litter pans will be provided -- we remind exhibitors to bring their own. All Championship, Premiership and registered Kitten entries will be scored for CFA National and Regional awards.
All claws of all entries must be clipped prior to benching. No declawed entries are permitted. Cats or kittens should be clean and free of fungus, fleas,
ear mites, and any contagious or infectious illness. There will be no veterinarian inspection prior to benching. However, it is strongly advised that all entries be inoculated before entry by a licensed veterinarian against feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses and rabies, and strongly recommended that entries be tested and found negative for FeLV before entry. The State of New York mandates current rabies inoculation for all cats, it is advisable that you bring your cat's certificate(s). No kitten under the age of 4 months shall be permitted in the show hall. Only benched cats or kittens may be present in the show hall -- none may be confined to carriers, either displayed or under cages.
All cats or kittens for sale or lease must be benched in the benching area, and must be eligible for CFA registration. The person offering the cat or kitten for sale must have an entry in the show and must ensure an enclosed, secured carrier is used for the transport of the cat being sold Any sales activity is subject to the approval of the show management. Exhibitors must transport cats into and out of the show hall in an enclosed, secured carrier. No exhibitor may leave cats or kittens in the show hall overnight. First-time exhibitors should contact the show manager for assistance. HHP entries welcome limited to 10.
Show Hotel is the Days Inn in Canastota, exit 34 off I-90, phone 315-697-3309. The show room rate is $59 per night single/double until Feb. 24 - tell them you are with the cat show. All spraying cats must be confined to cages and/or bathroom. Hotel towels cannot be used for cats. List of other hotels will be provided with confirmation.
Advertising copy must be camera ready and received with payment by closing date. Please send to entry clerk. Rates: Full Page $60; Half Page $35; Business Cards $10.
Show Rules of CFA will be strictly observed. Any person entering a cat or kitten shall by such act agree to abide by, and this person and the entry of this person shall be subject to, these rules. Official CFA show rules may be obtained for $5 from CFA, PO Box 1005, Manasquan NJ 08736-0805.

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