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Now Offering: Show Banners Ads!
A new, more visual way to advertise your show.
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Offering: Enhanced listings.
Advertise your show the way you want to! Not the same old "cookie-cutter" flyers. Cat Shows US!! will create an online flyer just for your show; using your club colors or theme. We can use artwork you provide or we'll provide it. Your club will have a URL ('SNAME) to use for exhibitor and spectator advertising. Use it for all your everything; posters, flyers, coupons; any time anyone is looking for Cat Show info, send them to Cat Shows US!! Want to add a Spectator Page? No problem we can list times, ticket prices, vendors info, coupons and other info you want the public to know. Just send your flyer to to get started with your enhanced listing on Cat Shows US!!

Offering: Everything you need to have a successful show.
Paper flyers, catalog covers, spectator flyers and coupons; Email to get started.

Enhanced listings levels:

Level #1 $15/show or 6x6
  • Host your PDF show flyer on Cat Shows US!!
  • Link to online entry form for your choice
  • Link to Club's web site
  • Post count or breed summary (provided by the club)
  • Post results (provided by the club)
  • Archive all info

Level #2 $25/show or 6x6
  • Same as #1 with the addition of;
  • Online flyer created specifically for your show with your theme, colors, etc. (can use graphics provided by the club). The online flyer will have email links to your show committee (these links are encrypted to prevent SPAM), links to hotels, the show hall, your club web site, coupons, maps & directions, etc. Coupons can be linked (for free) and a spectator page can be designed and linked from your online flyer for a small fee (see Extras below).

  • PDF Show Flyer (paper flyer) created for your show $25
  • Spectator flyer or poster (PDF) for advertising your show $25*
  • Catalog Cover (PDF) $15*
  • Show Coupon (PDF) $15*
  • Spectator link (from the online flyer) for advertising your show $5
    *The above documents are only $5 EACH if CSUS!! created your show flyer
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