Unofficial Best of the Best CFA -IAMS Cat Championship
held in New York, NY on October 18th-19th, 2008.

Abyssinian 139 GC Zehnder Blue Shoes and Happiness (Blue Female)
American Bobtail - LH 93 GC Nudawnz Yukon Cornelius (Seal Lynx Point Male)
American Bobtail - SH 1 Shelbie's Liberty Belle (Silver Classic Tabby Female)
American Curl - LH 94 CH Procurlharem Leonardo Dicapricurl (Cameo Lynx Point Male)
American SH 143 GC, NW Stedam American Bravado (Brown Tabby Male)
Balinese 144 GC Purrmatix Holdmeclosertinydancer (Lilac Point Female)
Balinese - Javanese 145 CH Madrigal's Super Jet Puffpuff (Seal Lynx Point Female)
Birman 190 GC, GP Pussetoe Dandy Lion (Red Lynx Point Neuter)
Bombay 147 GC Star Academy Oliver Jones (Male)
British SH 148 GC Dandyblue Marilyn Monroe (Blue & White Female)
Chartreux 149 GC, RW Janvier's Claire de Lune of Kuorii (Female)
Cornish Rex 219 GP Angelwaves Sir Lucane (Black & White Neuter)
Devon Rex 67 Loganderry Cooper of Hilltop Park (Brown McTabby Female)
Egyptian Mau 153 CH Hajja Yabba Dabba Do! (Silver Female)
European Burmese 156 GC Penobscot's Amethyst of Jomarkat (Lilac Female)
Exotic 8 Tiger Boy Key Master of Wishes (Brown Mackerel Tabby Female)
Havana Brown 223 GP Havacat Rachmaninov of Composer Cat (Neuter)
Japanese Bobtail - LH 225 GP Nudawnz Kigenwotoru (Red Tabby & White Neuter)
Japanese Bobtail - SH 226 GP Benhana Kento of Doralin (Red Tabby & White Neuter)
Maine Coon 193 GC, GP Terracoon Prince (Silver Classic Tabby & White Neuter)
Manx - LH 162 GC Karello's Aslan of Dbl Trouble (Red Tabby Male)
Manx - SH 228 GC, GP, RW Deydream High Hopes (Black & White Spay)
Norwegian Forest Cat 195 GP Thorskatt's Marco Polo (White Neuter)
Ocicat 166 GC Sweetmewsic Heat Wave (Chocolate Spotted Male)
Oriental LH 230 GC, PR Purrmatix Drop-of-Golden-Sun (Cream Point & White Neuter)
Oriental SH 81 Injoi's Hot Gossip of Ti Shebi (Ebony Patched Ticked Tabby & White Female)
Persian - Solid 115 GC Lox-Nott's Rusty (Red Male)
Persian - Silver/Golden 116 GC Castlegate's Puff the Magic Dragon (Shaded Silver Male)
Persian - Shaded/Smoke 117 Opn Kikiland's Tiny Dancer (Black Smoke Female)
Persian - Tabby 118 GC Lox-Nott's Pocahantas (Brown Patched Tabby Female)
Persian - Particolor 119 GC Castlegate's Gidget of Mikkat (Tortie Female)
Persian - Bicolor 43 Chancery's L.A. Ink of Wishes (Brown McTabby & White Male)
Persian - Himalayan 46 Catsafrats Marteani Time (Tortie Point Female)
Ragdoll 130 GC Lottarags Annabella (Ragdoll Female)
Russian Blue 171 GC, RW Platina Luna's Blade Runner (Male)
Selkirk Rex LH 85 Kitykarekurl's Astarita (Blue Cream Female)
Selkirk Rex SH 174 CH Kitykarekurl's Doro (Tortie Female)
Siamese 177 CH Lilla B Kerington of Tan-Tara (Seal Point Female)
Singapura 179 GC Wintergarden Wilde Oscar of Hiway (Male)
Somali 239 GC, GP, RW Gray Castle Dancer With Mice (Ruddy Neuter)
Sphynx 183 GC Whiteweb Good Golly Miss Molly (Tortie & White Female)
Tonkinese 92 Vivatonk Taro (Champaign Point Male)
Turkish Angora 49 Sinend's Dance Anyway of Sadakat (White Male)

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