Cats Nominated for Best of the Best at the CFA-Iams Championship show October 14-15, 2006

American Bobtail LH - GC A Bebop Tail Yeti of Nudawnz, White Male (also 2d Best in Show)
American Bobtail SH - CH Shelbie's American Steel of Nudawnz, Silver McTabby Male
American Curl LH - GP Procurlharem Reba Mcencurl, Red Tabby and White Spay
Birman - GC, GP D'elo's Amost Heaven - Blue Point Spay
Exotic - Perfikatz Daddy's Dream Girl, Brown McTabby Female
Maine Coon - GC Y1Kat Mustang Sally of Nascat, Brown Patched Tabby and White Female
Norwegian Forest Cat - CH, GP Marsh Creek Alaric, Brown McTabby and White Neuter
Solid Persian - Fountainhead's Little Miss Sunshine, Blue Female
Silver/Golden Persian - GC Castlegate's Jessie James, Shaded Golden Male
Smoke/Shaded Persian - GC Castlegate's Elektra of Moldavea, Shaded Tortie Female
Tabby Persian - GC Kitty Charm Summer Samba, Cream Tabby Male
Particolor Persian - GC, GP, RW Wiccacats Krystalle Lynne, Dilute Calico Spay
Himalayan Persian - GC, GP, RW Dal-Bo's Dottie Ann, Tortie Point Spay (Highest scoring Cat in PRship)
Ragdoll - GP, RW Dollchateau Casanova IV, Seal Point and White Neuter
Turkish Angora - GC, RW Sadakat's Hope You Dance, Blue-eyed White Female
Turkish Van - GC Invanity's The Candy Van, Red Tabby and White Male

Abyssinian - GC, RW Zehnder's BBC Late Night, Blue Female (also 3d Best in Show)
American Shorthair - Stedam's American Idol of Bovon, Brown Tabby Male
American Wirehair - GC, RW Cameroncats Christina of KAW, Silver Ticked Tabby with White Female (Highest scoring Cat in CHship)
Balinese - Bali Babies Jocette of Purrmatix, Seal Point Female
Bombay - GC Lac Hong Anzo of Caricature, Black Male
British Shorthair - Rustling Razzle Dazzle - Blue Male
Sable Burmese - GC, GP Appassionata Cassandra, Sable Spay
Chartreux - Janvier's Balique of Korindah, Blue Female
Colorpoint Shorthair - OPN Sanlino Blaze of Glory, Tortie Point Female
Cornish Rex - CH Heatwave Nirvana of Whiteweb, Black and White Female
Devon Rex - GC Hilltop Park's INXS of Loganderry, Chocolate Silver McTabby Male
Egyptian Mau - CH Arietta Zahara, Silver Female
European Burmese - GC Korindah Nicolette, Lilac Tortie Female
Havana Brown - GC Blakewood Osa Rosa, Brown Female
Japanese Bobtail SH - Wyndchymes Tess, Mi-ke Female
Javanese - Bali Babies Nina, Cream Point Female
Manx LH - Karello's Northern Exposure, Bicolor Female
Manx SH - GC, GP Fuzzy-Foot's Confetti of Deydream, Calico Spay (also Best in Show)
Ocicat - GC Sunstone Knubi of Sweetmewsic, Chocolate Spotted Female
Oriental LH - GP, RW Purrmatix Moody Blues of Swiftriver, Blue Neuter
Oriental SH - Kattalyst Atomic, Blue Male
Russian Blue - GC Roxanastasia's Evgeny Plushenko, Blue Male
Scottish Fold SH - GC Starrpawzs "Breakfast At Tiffany's", Brown Tabby and White Van Female
Selkirk Rex LH - CH Kochekarus French-Connection, Seal Point Male
Selkirk Rex SH - GC, RW Pamacs Alacurlzam of Woolibar, Cream Male
Siamese - GC Mvable Takira of Mezetique, Lilac Female
Singapura - GC Sing-Sing Machine Gun Kelly, Sepia Male
Sphynx - Citizenkat When In Rome of Empress, Black and White Male
Tonkinese - GC Baikal Go For Gin, Platinum Mink Male

* No title indicates the cat is a kitten.