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2020 Show - Location Format  
Jan 25-26 Star City Cat Fanciers and Central Carolina Cat Fanciers - Roanoke, VA 6AB/2SP Archives
Jan 25-26 Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers - Monroe, MI 7AB/3SP Archives
Jan 25-26 Birmingham Feline Fanciers - Irondale, AL 6AB/2SP Archives
Jan 25-26 San Diego Cat Fanciers - Del Mar, CA 4AB/2SSP/2SP Archives
Jan 25-26 Saintly City Cat Club - St Paul, MN 6AB/2SP Archives
Feb 1 Pawprints in the Sand and Chamberlin on the Bay - Newport News, VA 5AB/1SP      
Feb 1 Seattle Cat Club - Longview, WA 5AB/1SP        
Feb 1 Dear Meow - Hong Kong 6AB        
Feb 1-2 Wichita Cat Fancy - Wichita, KS 6AB/2SP        
Feb 2 United Feline Odyssey - Hong Kong 6AB          
Feb 8 Steel City Kitties - Industry, PA 4AB/2SP            
Feb 8 Malibu Cat Club - Glendale, CA 5AB/1SP              
Feb 8 Hawkeye State Cat Club - Altoona, IA 5AB/1SP      
Feb 8 Japan Dancing Cat Club - Yokohama, Japan 6AB      
Feb 8 Java Feline Society - Indonesia 5AB/1SP    
Feb 8 Sawasdee Cat Club - Bangkok, Thailand 4AB      
Feb 8-9 Feline Fanciers of Benelux - Berlare, Belgium 4AB/3SSP/1SP-CH
Feb 8-9 Hong Kong Black Cat Club - Hong Kong 7AB/1SP      
Feb 9 Steel City Kitties - Industry, PA 4AB/2SP            
Feb 14-15 K-Cats - Shuwaikh, Kuwait 4AB/6SSP    
Feb 15 Cat Fashion - Gush Dan, Israel 2SSP    
Feb 15 Hong Kong and Macao Club - Malaysia 6AB      
Feb 15-16 Carolina Sophisticats with National Alliance of Burmese Breeders - Spartanburg, SC 6AB/2SP        
Feb 15-16 Black Diamond Cat Club & Ramapo Cat Fanciers - Phoenixville, PA 6AB/2SP      
Feb 15-16 Call of the Wild - Santa Rosa, CA 6AB/2SP              
Feb 15-16 Club Felino Espanol - Derio, Spain 3AB/2SSP/1SP-CH

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