Judges - Saturday Show
John Colilla, Allbreed/HHP
Gene Darrah, Allbreed/HHP
Lois Jensen, Allbreed/HHP
Melanie Morgan, Allbreed/HHP
Jan Stevens, Allbreed/HHP
Donna Jean Thompson, Allbreed/HHP
Judges - Sunday Show
Rachel Anger, Allbreed/HHP
Norm Auspitz, Allbreed/HHP
Diana Doernberg, Allbreed/HHP
Karen Lawrence, Allbreed/HHP
Anne Mathis, Allbreed/HHP
Jeri Zottoli S Powell, Allbreed/HHP

Entry Fees (all fees include $2 CFA surcharges)
Fees (Entering ONE SHOW only)
$52 1st Entry (includes catalog)
$48 2nd Entry (same owner)
$40 Each Additional Entry (same owner)
Fees per show (Entering BOTH SHOWS)
$48 1st Entry (includes catalog)
$45 2nd Entry (same owner)
$38 Each Additional Entry (same owner)
$20 Extra 1/2 Cage ♦ $40 Grooming Space ♦ $50 Returned Check Fee
$15 End of Row (no charge for handicapped exhibitors) ♦ $50 Late Payment Fee
Entry Clerk
Bethany Clark
Email bethanyclark2010@att.net
1907 Slaton Court
Columbus, OH 43235

Phone 614-557-9471
Call only between 4:00 - 11:00 pm EST
Show Mangers
Mariane Toth
Email mmmbuster58@gmail.com
Phone 216-789-2463
Nannette Schindler
Email njschindler@hotmail.com
Phone 419-683-6506
Closing Date For Both Shows is March 31, 2014 or when shows fill with 225 entries
Show Secretary
Bethany Clark
Vendor Contact
Mariane Toth

Owners’ Responsibility: Please verify with the entry clerk that your entries were received.
Payment Info: Please make checks payable to Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers. Post-dated checks will not be accepted. Full payment must accompany all mailed entries. Per Show Rule 11.08A, all online entries must be paid in full within ten (10) days of receipt or prior to the start of the show, whichever is first (cash, check or money orders accepted only). No withdrawing entries once they’re entered. There is a $50 fee for any returned checks. Payments not received within two weeks after the show date, will incur an additional $50 late fee.
Show Hours for Both Shows: Check-in will be from 7:30 to 8:30 am and advertized show hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Show Hall: Richland County Fairgrounds 750 N. Home Rd. Mansfield, OH 44906 Ph 419-747-3717. The show hall is a NON-SMOKING facility with heating and air conditioning.
Show Hotel Info: Hotel listings will be sent with your confirm.
Airports: Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) about 70 miles; 1 1/2 hours and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) about 75 miles; 1 hour, 15 minutes.
Transportation Exhibitors will be responsible for their own means of transportation.
Vetting: The show will be non-vetted. All entries should be inoculated by a licensed veterinarian against feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and rabies. Entries should be tested for FeLV and be free of parasites. All claws of entries must be clipped prior to benching.
Benching Requests: At least one request per exhibitor is guaranteed, but efforts will be made to honor other requests to the best of our ability. Whenever possible, handicap requests will be benched at no extra charge to the exhibitor.
Scoring: All championship, premiership and kitten entries with registration numbers or temporary registration numbers will be scored for CFA National and Regional points. Owners of novices can contact the entry clerk for a temporary registration number.
Miscellaneous: Show management will take reasonable care of cats and carriers, but will not be responsible for loss or damage. Benching cage size is 22x22x22.

Show Flyer (PDF)
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