Siamese Yearbook Articles

1959: History of the Siamese, Part 1, by Carlon Boren

1960: History of the Siamese, Part 2, by Carlon Boren

1961: History of the Siamese, Part 3, by Carlon Boren

1962: History of the Siamese, Part 4, by Carlon Boren

1976: The Thaibok and Teriyaki Story by Donna Davis

1977: "Lest Ye Forget" about Tap-Toe Sonero by Sue Buerlein

1979: Siamese Breeding: The Long View by Jeanne Singer

1981: The Siamese Cat Reviewed: Coat pattern and color by Ballard

1985: The Story of GRC Singa Blue Minstrel by Jeanne Singer

1987: NGRC New Moon Eclipse of Rogers Hts., D.M. by Willa Hawke

1987: In Lovy's Memory, NGRC Fan-C Love Is Blue by Barbara Baylor

1987: We Are Siamese Part 1 by Betty White

1988: We Are Siamese Part 2 by Betty White

1995: DM Siamese: Dance to Their Music by Mike Liddell